Personal Practice Mentor

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1x1 Mentoring: 

Embody Harmony, Establish Practice: A Personal Practice Mentorship 

1:1 Support holds a transformative space. It takes courage to look at yourself honestly and see yourself clearly.

This is the DEEP WORK that pulls the veil back and cuts through the cycles that no longer serve you so you can find harmony to practice.

2 months of working together one on one. Personal access to me, accountability and organized integration practices, free access to 2018 group offerings.  

This is an opportunity to dive deep and face resistance by embodying yogic teachings.  Find resolution and allow harmony to unfold.


Group Mentoring:

Pathway to Practice: Uncover a Map to your Mat

6 week live group mentoring experience that will bring consistency and to your practice. 

Establish the foundations of a sustainable personal practice while discovering your clear path to accessing your practice.



Self-Study Programs:

Finding Harmony:The 1st Step to Getting Back on Your Mat

Find a Harmonious Personal Yoga Practice at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.


Peak Pose Private Lessons

Focused attention on a pose you desire to achieve. My approach is methodical so you'll be able to incorporate a portion or whole lesson into your personal practice. 

See yourself steadily grow toward your peak pose.

3-Session bundle $333