Personal Practice Mentor

Personal Practice Mentor


Where Yoga TeacherS Find harmony,

Establish Practice+TEACH from experience


You were in your first teacher training and it hit you

You were taking the first steps toward living a dream you never imagined. How did this happen? You landed in a teacher training program and now your heart’s desire is becoming a reality. 

You're becoming a yoga teacher!

You studied hard, got certified, and you started teaching yoga. Remember the joy, excitement, and harmony you felt?  Somehow this was all coming together?

Your personal home practice slipped to the side as your life as a yoga teacher got busy and full. There, in the center of your beautiful practice space, sits your yoga mat that hasn’t seen you on it in a week, a month, or more. 

Your home practice is sporadic at best.You can’t seem to find consistency or inspiration to practice and you feel lost. Other yoga teachers seem to devour their personal practice with ease.  

Why not you?

In your frustration and overwhelm you wonder if you’re missing something. You love teaching yoga, practicing yoga, and

You want to teach from your own experience.

I was you. 

For 4 years, as a yoga teacher, I thought...

  • if I learned more
  • took another teacher training
  • put it on the calendar
  • practiced  an online class
  • read one more article about “How to Get Back on Your Mat”

...then I would get on my mat at home and practice. But I didn't. 

The harmony I was seeking wasn't outside me.  It wasn't going to be found by putting strict parameters on my personal home practice.  


a Personal Practice Mentor for yoga teachers who want to find harmony in order to establish their personal practice, and teach authentically.  You can also call me a Harmony Hunter, Freedom Finder, and Personal Practice Peacemaker. 

The women I work with feel called to teach yoga yet find themselves in a battle with their personal home practice. Buried under expectation and suffocated by overwhelm, they feel stuck. They're longing to find harmony and a personal practice that is consistent and lasting; a practice that will support their heart’s desire to teach yoga and make a positive impact in this world.

I know from my own journey with my personal practice that until I turned to face my resistance, I continued to avoid and fight my practice, and I felt stuck.  I found that my resistance was an invitation to a deeply integrated relationship with myself.

Practice became desirable and a resource when the winds of life whipped me around.  More than that, my personal practice is where I discovered my teaching voice and integrity.


Together, we work so you can find harmony to practice...


  • Delighting in practice again

  • Bringing consistency to your practice

  • Practice as nurturing and resourcing
  • Experiencing the teachings of yoga as they land in your body
  • Teaching from the wellspring of your own experience 
  • A community of yoga teachers moving from practice overwhelm into harmony
  • Feeling harmony to practice

How different would your personal practice look if you easefully stepped onto your yoga mat?  And in doing so you were able to draw into the teachings of yoga as they unfold in you and in your practice.  How different would your teaching look? How different would your life look?


I believe honesty and courage will change your practice.