Personal Practice Mentor

I believe honesty and courage will change your practice. It changed mine.


a Personal Practice Mentor for yoga teachers who long for harmony in their home practice.

You can also call me a Harmony Hunter, Freedom Finder, and Personal Practice Peacemaker. 

The women I work with feel called to teach yoga yet find themselves in a battle with their personal home practice. Buried under expectation and suffocated with overwhelm, they feel stuck. 

They are longing to find harmony and a personal practice that is consistent, lasting, and resourceful; a practice that will support their heart’s desire to teach yoga and make a positive impact in this world.

I know from my journey with my personal practice that until I turned to face my resistance I continued to avoid and fight my practice.  There was a dissonance between my heart’s desire to teach with authenticity buried under layers of expectations.  I found that my resistance was an invitation to a deeply integrated relationship with myself and a practice I never imagined.

Practice became desirable and a resource I longed for when the winds of life whipped me around.  More than that, my personal practice is where I discovered my teaching voice and integrity.

Together, we work so you can find harmony to practice.  Learn to step back from overwhelm and utilize practices that draw you into resolution.  Find where your power of choice lay to engage a consistent, sustainable, and resourceful personal practice.



Carrie has been practicing asana since 2007 and teaching yoga since 2013. 

Her asana practice and teaching, inspired by Mandy Eubanks, Christina Sell, and Gioconda Parker, directed her to the Tantric Tradition and deeper studies in yoga.

Her meditation, pranayama, mantra, and yantra studies originated and continue with Sally Kempton.  Carrie also studies meditation and philosophy with Manorama D’Alvia.

In the midst of her 300 hour Alchemy of Flow and Form Teacher Training, Carrie dove into the subject of personal practice.  She saw she was not alone in experiencing a struggle to finding harmony in a personal practice that was resourceful, consistent, and sustainable.

Carrie offers a culmination of experience in practicing and teaching yoga traditions stemming from her journey to a relationship with her practice and herself that she never imagined.